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DST Flatbed

DST is the future of transfer printing. These transfers are a combination of digital and traditional screenprinting. By combining the two processes, you get the quality and detail of a digital print, with the characteristics of a traditional transfers, such as stretch, durability and wash resistance. This product has passed tests by Nike, Adidas and Fruit of the Loom, it also contains No PVC, APEO or PTHALATES. Different adhesives make it possible to decorate many types of textile or fabric.

Adhesive Types:

DST Bond water based adhesive:
Does not contain PVC, Phthalates or Solvents. It can be applied to cotton, cotton blends, nylon and polyester. Washes at 40 - 60 degrees C.

DST Soft Adhesive:
Plastisol based, which is soft and elastic, which can be applied to cotton, cotton blends, polyester, nylon and PVC substrates. Washes at 40 - 60 degrees C.

DST Plad Adhesive:
Plastisol based, hard wearing for workwear. Can be washed up to 90 degrees C.

DST Powder Adhesive:
Low melt and can be pressed at 110 degrees C, which is ideal for sensitive garments, i.e. nylon and umbrellas.

DST Transfers are sold by the A3 sheet and you can mix several different designs on the same sheet. Small minimum order of only 20 sheets.

Not sure if DST is right for you? email your image/images and we can advise you on the best process.

DST Transfer

DST Transfer

DST Transfer
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