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Plastisol transfers are suitable for light and dark garments, they are very opaque and durable, with virtually unlimited colour range. They also flex and stretch with the garment. There two different types of Plastisol Transfer, Cold Peel and Hot Split.

Plastisol Cold Peel Transfers are available in up to 5 colours. The term Cold Peel means that you remove the Release Paper once the substrate or garment has cooled down after heat pressing. The transfers can be backed with a printable or powder adhesive also, depending on the substrate or garment they are being applied to.

Plastisol Hot Split Transfers are available in up to 6 colours. Unlike cold peel transfers, the Release Paper is removed immediately after the press is released whilst the ink is still hot. The ink splits between the garment and the paper which creates a soft transfer to Cold Peel, very similar to the look and feel of a directly printed garment.

Plastisol Cold Peel Transfers
Plastisol Transfers

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